Narlin Beaty

25 Nov 2020

I don’t carry around a calculator. Do not calculate in public! Of course this is the era of cell phones and for a few years we will be toting these intrusive little gadgets around. That being so, I find a reasonably good calculator phone app to be HiPER Calc Pro from Hyper Development studio. I downloaded it from the App Store on Google Play. There is a free version so if you would like to try before you buy, it’s possible.

For a desktop calculator, the first question might be why do you need one? The answer to that is sometimes, whether we are working in Sage, Geogebra, Matlab, Javascript, etc., we want to check the result with a calculator. When that happens, I like SpeQ. It is very versatile and allows me to quickly poke in variable names for each calculation so that they can be reused.

Also, on a desktop I like the tiny program AutoHotKey. But the directions for using it to keep the calculator visible as well as some others are here: always on top