Equipment commissioning is defined as the placement of new or old equipment into service and turning it on. Often that job is performed by a vendor or 'in-house' maintenance staff who possess little understanding about the eventual use. Validation personnel, who typically report through Quality Assurance, are then assigned the task of performing IQ/OQ & PQ for the newly commissioned (and maybe 'used') equipment. When OQ protocols are performed, there is a high probability of failure because the equipment was never specified or intended to meet today's rigorous standards. The options are to change the criteria or change the equipment. Often the later is untenable while the former results in very unpopular deviations being put into official validation documents.

QPS will 'commission' your equipment by installing it and performing the operational elements before it is turned over to your Validations group. Our report will identify the critical equipment capabilities so that OQ criteria are identified and met the first time. Or, if desired, we will assist you in making the equipment meet your specifications.